Bing It. Bing It. Bring it on

Hi – Bing is the name of the new search tool from Microsoft. It is pretty amazing in its capability to provide fine tunes searches, as well as showing you your search history.

If you already using Live search you will transparently taken to Bing. Now I know Microsoft has been criticized for not providing as good and as sticky a search experience as the competition. But you just need to try out Bing yourself to see how good it is.

Here are a few links to the cool capabilities about bing. I like the inline preview it has, which allows you to peek into the links it displays without actually leaving the page. That in itself will save me a lot of time. 

Why Bing trumps Google?

2 Responses to “Bing It. Bing It. Bring it on”

  1. Arun Basil Lal Says:

    Hey Girish,

    Bing is already catching up fast, I get a good share of visits from Bing, which means people are using it.

    Thanks for the link there btw.

    Good luck!

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